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Hog Roasts in the Sunshine

Hog Roasts in the Sunshine | English Hog Roast Company

With the recent spring sunshine The English Hog Roast Company have seen the real start to the season. There has been a marked increase in wedding bookings and corporate functions requiring Hog Roasts. There is no other more eye catching and impressive centrepiece than a delicious, succulent pig rotating in front of your guests, the Hog Roast is the most natural way to cook pork.

All meats served by The English Hog Roast Company are from a local high welfare farm in Essex which are part of the RSPCA freedom foods scheme. All of our breads and sauces are also sourced locally. We can even offer different types of hog roast with the American Hog Roast a very popular choice, delicious pork covered in sweet homemade BBQ sauce.

We also offer amazing Barbecue options, with pork, lamb, beef and vegetarian options as alternatives or additions to your Hog Roast. We also offer machine hire so you can cook and carve your Hog Roast yourself with a DIY package.

If you have an upcoming event that would require a Hog Roast or barbecue in Hertfordshire, London, Essex or Cambridge please call 01279 815660 or 07835 233031 or visit the website at

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