The Ultimate in Hog Roasts

The English Hog Roast Company is now in full swing for the summer Hog Roast season. We have been busy catering Hog Roasts and BBQ’s for all sorts of corporate functions, birthday parties, weddings and garden parties. We offer Hog Roast packages to suit all budgets and tastes so there is always something we can offer you.

If you fancy the more hands on approach we can supply a free range pig, a machine and gas and you can cook and serve the delicious Hog Roast yourself which people absolutely love. If you want us to come in and do everything for you that is also taken care of by The English Hog Roast Company, we offer anything from traditional hog roasts, lamb roasts right though to barbecues and vegetarian options.

We also offer bar and staff hire alongside your Hog Roast or stand alone to help your event run smoothly and help you spend more time with your guests. We can offer everything to make your event run as perfectly as it can.

The English Hog Roast Company operates throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, London, Middlesex and Cambridge. All of our meats are sourced locally from the best around which means they are all high welfare and free range so you know that your Hog Roast is going to taste the very best it possibly can.

If you would like more information on our Hog Roast and BBQ services please contact us on 01279 815660 or 07835 233031

Hog Roast are Perfect For All Occasions

The English Hog Roast has company has been enjoying the glorious summer weather and the Hog Roasts have proved to be as popular as ever. We have catered for a variety of events from corporate catering, 21st parties and weddings. Guests love our fresh rolls with a generous helping of sage and onion stuffing, beautiful moist pork topped with apple sauce and of course salted, crunchy crackling. The Hog Roast is the ultimate in party foods.

Our bespoke wedding packages provide everything from the food through to the linen and glassware taking away the stress from your big day. We don’t just offer Hog Roasts we can provide bar hire, BBQ’s, full 5 course sit down meals, DIY Hog Roasts and of course delicious canapés. We can be your one stop shop for your wedding, party or event. We pride ourselves on serving the freshest pork and lamb with the highest welfare food possible to make sure that our Hog Roasts give your guests the best taste and experience available.

We have busy time coming up for Hog Roasts with Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course Christmas. There is no better way than to feed your guests, clients or employees than with a spit roast.

We operate throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, London and Middlesex so if you need a Hog Roast, BBQ or Bar Hire The English Hog Roast Company will be delighted to provide this for you.

Please contact us through the website at or call us on 01279 815660 or 07835 233031 for more details.


New Year Hog Roasts

Happy New Year to all from The English Hog Roast Company. With 2016 now upon us it is time to start thinking off parties and of course wedding catering for which there is no better option than a Hog Roast. We serve delicious moist pulled pork served in a fresh bap with a gorgeous sage and onion stuffing and drizzled with sweet apple sauce and finally everyones favourite the salted crackling. The Hog Roast is the ultimate outdoor catering option. Not only does this create a centrepiece at your event it gets all your guests talking and makes it an event to remember.

The English Hog Roast Company operates and delivers catering throughout London, Hertfordshire and Essex. We offer DIY Hog Roast packages where you can cook and carve yourself as well as fully catered and staffed events. We also offer complete Wedding and Christening packages to suit all budgets where we will take all the stress away from you so that you can enjoy your big day. You will know that only the finest locally reared pork and lamb will used to feed your guests.

We don’t just offer traditional hog roasts we also offer American Hog Roasts and BBQ’s, so whatever option you are looking for we can provide this for you.

If you have an upcoming event in Essex, London or Hertfordshire please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01279 815660 or 07835 233031 or visit the website on

Bank Holiday Hog Roasts

This spring has been a very busy time for The English Hog Roast Company. We have been catering weddings, corporate events, private parties and a variety of BBQ’s. With the recent Bank Holidays people have gone party mad and what better way than to celebrate than with a fantastic Hog Roast. Guests always comment on the smell, the visual impact and the delectable taste of a freshly cooked pig. All of our meats are locally sourced in Essex and this goes with The English Hog Roasts company ethos of providing top quality local produce.

Bookings have also been coming in thick and fast for Hog Roast bookings, we have seen a marked increase in the amount clients wanting American Hog Roasts alongside the more traditional English Hog Roast. This offers a very different experience, with pulled pork mixed in with a delicious homemade BBQ sauce and topped with red onion and chipotle cheese sauce, what more can we say – delicious.

DIY Hog Roast hire is also very popular for people who enjoy the more hands on approach to cooking or for those on more of a budget. It is a great way to provide centrepiece for your party and the site of a cooking Hog Roast is absolutely mouth watering.

We also can provide Lamb Roasts, Beef, Chicken and BBQ’s as well as Hog Roasts.

If you have an upcoming event in London, Hertfordshire, Essex or Cambridge and you would like more information on a Hog Roast please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01279 815660 or 07835 233031 or visit the website

Summer Hog Roast Season

With the beautiful weather and the Easter holidays has seen a busy time for The English Hog Roast Company catering many events, weddings, garden parties and corporate functions. The Hog Roast provides food theatre and a fantastic attraction for your event, people will always marvel at the delicious smell and look of a golden pig rotating in front of them. The Hog Roast is the most spectacular way of feeding your guests.

All of our Hog Roasts will have moist, slow cooked pork combined with sage and onion stuffing all served in a fresh bap from our local baker, drizzled with an Aspalls cider gravy and topped with apple sauce and of course the must have with any Hog Roast crunchy salted crackling. All of our meat is sourced locally in Essex, and breads from a local family run bakery, this is the what The English Hog Roast Company is all about.

We don’t just provide pork and Hog Roasts, we can supply lamb, beef, chicken and a variety of BBQ options too.

We can offer both Fully Catered and DIY Hog Roast options so however you want to feed your guests we can provide your Hog Roast catering needs.

If you have an event coming up in London, Essex, Hertfordshire or Cambridge and you would like to speak to us about a Hog Roast or Barbecue please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01279 815660 or 07835 233031 or visit the website on

Springtime Hog Roasts

Happy New Year from The English Hog Roast Company. With 2015 now here it is time to start planning your summer Hog Roasts and wedding catering.

We offer most types of catering, specialising in hog roasts and barbecues and spit roasts right through to delicious desserts. We pride ourselves on providing locally sourced Essex Pork with fresh soft baps from our baker all served with sage and onion stuffing and our homemade cider gravy. If it is not a Hog Roast that you are after we can also offer you a delicious lamb roast for any size of party or get together.

There are so many possibilities for a hog roast with parties and weddings being a favourite, we can cater for corporate and client based events also with parties for over 1000. There is the six nations rugby tournament and the rugby world cup this year so that is bound to be popular for a hog roast.

We provide hog roast catering in Hertfordshire, Essex and London. If you have an upcoming event please get in contact with us to talk through what we can offer you on 01279 815660 or 07835 233031 or visit the website

Halloween Hog Roasts in Essex, Hertfordshire and London

Now that the evenings are getting darker and the garden parties, weddings and other summer functions that Hog Roasts are so popular at are starting to come to an end it is time to think of Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Nothing is better on a cold evening than a Hog Roast with delicious Sage and Onion stuffing in one of our bakers fresh floured baps. We only use the finest pork to Hog Roast with and that results in a far superior taste, flavour and hog roast experience. Our crackling is fantastic and clients are always asking us how we get it so perfect and crispy every time.

So if you’d like to try one of our beautiful Hog Roasts or Lamb Roasts please get in touch and we would be delighted to give you a quote.

We Hog Roast and Barbecue cater all over Essex, Hertfordshire, London and Middlesex for parties large and small.

Please contact The English Hog Roast Company on 01279 815660 or 07835 233031 or visit our website at

Herts and Essex Hog Roasts Supplied by The English Hog Roast Company

The English Hog Roast Company has once again been providing DIY hog roast hire and fully catered hire across Herts, Hertfordshire and Essex.

We have hog roast catered at some wonderful events recently. A beautiful 21st birthday party in Harpenden, Hertfordshire a DIY hire in Chelmsford, Essex and a barbecue in North London.

We now getting ready for Halloween and Bonfire night where hog roasting is extremely popular. Last year we were at full capacity with machines and hog roast teams out all over Herts and Essex. The smell of one of our gorgeous free range Essex pigs rotating on a spit roast is just fantastic, guests can’t wait to get their hands on one of our floured baps fresh from our Herts based baker filled with succulent hot pork with crunchy, crispy and salty crackling covered in what we think is the ultimate accompaniment to any hog roast, apple sauce. There is no better way to keep warm than with a hog roast roll and no better hog roast than that provided by The English Hog Roast Company.

We are also getting pretty busy with wedding bookings for next summer with canapes, hog roasts and barbecues seeming to be the popular choice.

Over the last few months we have provided hog roast in the following locations across Herts, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Middlesex and Kent.

Herts – Hatfield, Hitchin, Stevenage, Hertford, Hoddesdon and Bishops Stortford.

Essex – Chelmsford, Billericay, Dunmow, Stansted, Epping, Harlow, Colchester, Wickford, Chigwell, Saffron Walden and Braintree.

Cambridgeshire – Cambridge

Middlesex – Twickenham


Hog Roast Recipes

Summer is now drawing to close and what a summer of Hog Roasting it has been… We have catered for every type of event possible, corporate catering at cricket matches and hog roasts and barbecues for Tesco, wedding catering galore, birthday party hog roasts have been popular too.

Now we move on to Autumn with Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up in the next few weeks. Hog roasting is always a great hit at these events when the weather starts to get a bit cooler, a hot hog roast bap with beautiful moist pork meat, sage and onion stuffing and some fantastic crispy, salty crackling. So enjoy your spooky hog roast or watch your fireworks with an English Hog Roast. Please call us discuss your hog roast requirements.

As a professional hog and spit roast catering operating throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and London we often like to experiment with pork and there are some fantastic recipes which we like to cook in our spare time, we have uploaded some recipes on to our twitter account @englishhogroast

Please follow and try some of these recipes, if you like roast pork you will love these recipes, nobody knows pork like the best hog roast company in Hertfordshire.

We are also starting to take hog roast bookings for Christmas parties with several bookings being taken in the last week in North London, Herts and Essex. So if you have anything to celebrate please don’t hesitate to contact us.

English Hog Roast source all their pigs and pork from free range farms in Essex and Hertfordshire so you can be assured of freshness, taste and welfare when eating your beautiful hog roast.

English Hog Roast operate all over the east of England and will deliver to all parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and North London and we also go over the Dartford bridge to Kent and round to Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and up to Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit our hog roast website below for all your hog roast, spit roast, barbecue and catering needs.


Hog Roast Party

Great day of hog roasting yesterday.

Fantastic wedding near Bishops Stortford, Herts and then a joint 18th and 21st in Kent. All enjoyed the hog and pork, the party was amazing!!

We have also had DIY machine hire in Much Hadham, Herts and Chelmsford, Essex.

Photos to follow on twitter

Please check out the new website for all your hog roast, wedding and party catering requirements.